Cheerleading Rules

All personnel decisions that involve cheerleading will be made by each town’s Cheer Director. Cheering is an athletic activity, cheerleader’s are under the direction and supervision of their coaches. During the season cheerleaders shall follow the rules of the team, town and league. Any cheerleader who doesn’t follow the rules will be subject to disciplinary actions.


All Cheerleaders must be at least 6 years old by December 1st and entering 1st grade but not 9th grade of the current season. Cheerleaders will be placed on teams according to their grade level. Please see below:

Mighty Mites: 1st and 2nd grade
Division I:3rd and 4th grade
Division II: 5th and 6th grade
Division III: 7th and 8th grade


Mascots are not allowed to participate in the OCYFL league.


Team Level:
A.The head coach of each team must be at least 21 years of age.
B.A high school demonstrator may be used to teach cheers, stunts, etc. However, this individual shall be under the direction and supervision of the head coach.

Town Level:
A.Each town shall have a board member responsible for Cheerleading and responsible to that board, and to whom all cheerleading teams report to.

A.All cheerleaders must wear the required uniform as determined by each town in order to cheer that week’s game. The uniform is to be worn only at OCYFL organized functions.
B.All hair must be pulled back in a neat like fashion (safety).
C.No jewelry or long or false nails (safety).
D.Makeup is prohibited for all youth functions other than Cheerfest.

Mandatory Cuts:
Mandatory cuts can occur for the following reasons:
A.Cheerleader cannot fulfill registration requirements (see your town registration policy).
B.Excessive absences to be determined by each individual town. minimum of 6 practice’s in August is expected.
C.Cheerleader refuses to abide by league rules.
D.Once a cheerleader quits she may not return for that season, for that town or any other town.

Each cheerleader shall furnish the following in order to be placed on a team.
A.Registration Form – signed by either parent/guardian.
B.Medical Release Form – signed by physician that the cheerleader is physically fit to participate. Must be dated no later than spring of current season.
C.Proof of Age – a copy of birth certificate.
D.Parents Code of Conduct – signed by parent/guardian

A.No pyramids shall be higher than 2 persons.
B.No tucks or flips shall be used when dismounting.
C.No seat, knee or body drops directly onto floor/ground.
D.Spotters are required when engaging in a partner stunt. Spotters are required for all stunts. Spotters must remain in position until the dismount is completed.
E.Full’s are for D2 and D3 only
F No stunting during rain or on muddy ground. No stunt’s on hard surface’s such as gym floor’s or any “hard”surface’s”. G.All lifts are to be performed with a front and back spotter. The front spotter may be eliminated if the group is experienced and capable. This decision is to be determined by the individual town Cheer Director.
H. Basket tosses, elevator tosses and similar multi-based tosses are prohibited.
I. The total number of twists in a dismount from a stunt cannot be greater than one rotation.
Exception to this rule: Side facing stunts (i.e. arabesque, scorpion, etc) may add a quarter twist in
order to cradle to the front.
J. Jewelry: With the exception of religious and medical medals , NO JEWELRY IS ALLOWED (i.e.
necklaces, bracelets, rings, all body piercing, wrist bands, coursages, and hair ties on wrists).

A.Pre-season practice shall not begin until August 1st.
B.At least 10 minutes of warm up exercise (to stretch and to limber-up) shall be included prior to practice, games and competitions.
C.Practices shall not exceed the number of hours per week permitted for football practice.
a.No cheer team may schedule more than 10 hours per week during pre-season.
b.After pre-season practices are limited to 6 hours per week.
c.No more than 2 hours of practice may be scheduled on any one day.
d.Water breaks to be given during practices.
D.No practice, stunting or participation at games shall be permitted without the head coach or pre-approved adult.

A.All cheerleaders associated with OCYFL may attend camp as an individual, group, team with or without their coach.
B.Camp is defined as a meeting of one or more training sessions provided by an outside organization.
C.Camps are optional and not a requirement to be part of OCYFL.

A.Any town may develop a competition team after season ends and the following guidelines need to be followed:
a.Must be a current season cheerleader for that particular town.
b.Each town will hold try-outs for a competition team, giving all the opportunity to try out.
c.Teams must be grouped according to competition divisions.
d.Each town/team will be responsible for their individual fees.
e.League uniforms may be used for all competitions.

Each town will provide a safe, convenient area to cheer, free of fan interference and near the bleachers if possible.
A.The home team will do the “Hello” cheer first.
B.A coach from each team will travel with the team during the “Hello” cheer.
C.Each team will cheer on their own side of the field.
D.Half time is comprised of a 8 minute break, to be shared by both cheer teams.
E.At half time the visiting team will use the field first for their routine.
F.Each team’s performance should not exceed 2:45.
G.Each team will watch each other’s routine, cheer and support each other.
H.Remaining time is to be spent with coach regrouping for the next half of the game.
I.During an injury all cheerleaders will stop while the player is being administered to.
J.No trips to concession stand or wondering the field during the game or half time and no eating in uniform.
K.A cheerleader’s job is not only to cheer, it’s to observe the game, get involved, and know where their team stands.
L.Rain or shine all squads are to cheer at all games. If the football teams play the cheerleaders support.

A.All coaches must be approved by the board of directors each season. A coach’s application must be completed and filed with the Board of Directors prior to attending any practices or games.
B.The coaching staff is under the direction of the head coach who will assume responsibility for actions of any and all assistant coaches and cheerleaders. Each team must have one adult coach at all practices and games. Each team may also be helped by “trainers” who must be in at least the ninth grade.
C.Coaches are responsible for all cheers their team performs. No negative or inappropriate cheers.
D.Coaches are responsible for completing accident report forms for every injury that occurs during practice or games.
E.If a team head coach cannot attend a game than they are to notify the town Cheer Director.
F.Football coaches/Cheer Director/Cheer Coach is to be notified if a change in schedule occurs.
G.No coaches or trainers may participate in any type of stunt.

Cheerleader Code of Conduct:
A.Be respectful to one another, coaches and opposing team.
B.Follow league rules, town rules and team rules.
C.Positive attitude at all times.
D.When in uniform remember you are representing your town.
E.Hand shake after all games with opposing team.
F.Watch and applaud opposing teams “Hello” cheer and “Half-Time” routine.

Coaches Code of Conduct:
A.No smoking allowed on school grounds, around players or at any league activity.
B.No criticizing in front of spectators.
C.Emphasize that good athletics strive to be good students.
D.Strive to make every cheering activity serve as a training ground for life and good mental and physical health.
E.Refrain from excessive sideline coaching.
F.Together with game officials, be responsible for the conduct and control of fans and spectators.
G.Abusive and profane language is prohibited.
H.Do not allow an ineligible cheerleader to cheer.
I.Coaches do not receive any monetary payment for coaching.
J.Do not allow unsportsmanlike behavior to occur.
K.Alcohol is prohibited on playing or practice fields or at any league activity.
L.Remove from the game or practice any player if you are in doubt about her/his health.
M.Coaches are expected to uphold all league rules and regulations.