team-oldThe Town of Newburgh Youth Football League was established in the mid 1980’s by Rich Ruggerio. The teams were named after Rich’s favorite NFL team and have been known as the Newburgh Giants ever since the leagues inception. It took several years of hard work and dedication by Rich and numerous other people, some of whom are still with the league to this day, to help build the foundation of the TONYFL. Around the same time Janine Ferguson with the help of Rich established the TONYFL Cheerleading Squad. The young cheerleaders were guided by Janine and with the assistance of several high school cheerleaders; they would learn numerous cheers to help support the TONYFL Players. In 2002 JoAnn Knabbe and Una Ott took over the cheerleading squad and continue to oversee the program until 2009. Many of the cheerleaders who came out of their squads have gone on to compete in different cheerleading competitions both regionally and nationally. After several years as President Rich stepped down and handed the reins over to Adam Geyer in 1990. Adam continued where Rich had left off promoting the league throughout the town and recruiting more players.

After fifteen years at the helm Adam stepped down and handed the top spot to Jim Romano. Jim had been with the TONYFL since 1995 as a coach. As with his two predecessors Jim and the rest of the TONFYL Board continued to build the league and player enrollment. In 2009 local businessman Al Prokosch, who was with the league as a coach since 1997 moved up from Vice President to President of the TONYFL.

In 2011, Ed Stent took over the program from Al Prokosch and made the program what it is today. He was integral in transitioning from the Town of Newburgh Youth Football League (TONYFL) to the Goldbacks Youth Football League (GYFL) which was the beginning of transitioning our program to be more in line with NFA.  During his tenure, Ed was able to move our home games to the turf field at NFA which was a welcome change.

In 2014, Jim Rafferty took over for Ed.  Jim has been active in the program since 2006 and will continue build on the foundation of his mentors to provide the best environment for our youth to learn the game of football, discipline, and sportsmanship. Jim’s main goal is to work with the staff at NFA and provide a true feeder program to prepare all athletes for what awaits them in High School.